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Rhodesian Air Force Personnel
(A to D) up to 1980

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This list of Air Force personalities has been compiled from available photographs. If your name does not appear and you would like to have it added, please send a suitable photograph and a 10 word (approx) list of your Air Force postings to the Webmaster. With your co-operation a comprehensive list for the period prior to 1980 is gradually being produced.
Alexander Alexander, George. OC 3 Sqn
Anderson 5042 Anderson, Tom
Don Annandale

Annandale, Donald. 1 LAR. 1963 promoted to Armament Officer.
Killed 7 Jan 1969 flying as passenger in C185 at Kutanga Range.
SAP Pilot carried out unauthorised low level aerobatics and crashed.

Garth Appel 6199 Apple, Garth
Austin 6137 Austin, Derrick
Badenhorst 5966 Badenhorst, Barry
Jock Baird 5240 Baird, Jock, Administration
Baldwin 4265 Baldwin, "Ginge", Pilot
Baldwin 4267 Baldwin, Steve, Pilot
Dave Barbour, the gentleman

Barbour, David, Direct Entry (Pilot) from WW II
Served on No 1 Squadron Southern Rhodesia Auxiliary Air Force 1950
Later served for many years as a VR on 3 Squadron during the Rhodesian war.

Barker 2536 Barker, G.D.
Barnes Barnes, Ken, Equipment Section
Barnes 4043 Barnes, John, Pilot
Ron Bate Bate, Ron

Reg Bean 5425 Bean, Reg, Armourer
Dave Becks 4089, Becks, Dave, Pilot
John Bell 5281, Bell, John, Fire Section, Thornhill
Beaf Belstead 5972, Belstead, Herbert "Beef", KIA 01.09.1976
Errol Bennet, Instruments Bennett, Errol, 94th Halton Entry, Instrument Tech

Jeb Bennie 4166, Bennie, John "Jeb", 4 Sqn, OC 4 Sqn
Bez 6401, Bezuitenhout, "Bez"
Blair Robert Blair Robert, Direct Entry 1954
Blakey 5515, Blakey, Brian, Electrics, 13LAR
Bleasdale Bleasdale, George, Airframes

Boswell, John, Master Tech, Ground Equip.
Attested 1 Sept 1956, Retired Sept 1982

Botes 6184, Botes A.R.
Botha 6703, Botha, Adrian, Instruments
Bolton Bolton, Ray, 4 Sqn, 7 Sqn
Ray Boulter Boulter, Ray, Officer (Pilot), KOAS 19.06.75
Roger Bowers Bowers Roger, Ex US Army, 4 Sqn Pilot
Dave Bowman

5382 Bowman, David
100th Entry RAF Halton
1 Sqdn. 1970 - 1982.

Boyd 6763, Boyd, Jimmy, Electrical
Dickie Bradshaw 0088, Bradshaw R. "Dickey" OC Thornhill 1970 -1972
Bill Braid Braid W. "Bill", Engines
Ted Brent Brent, Ted, 4 SSU
RHODESIAN WOMANS SERVICE Brennan, Rosalind, Direct Entry RWS
Alan Bridges 5486 Bridges, Alan, Communications
Pete Briscoe Briscoe, Pete, OC 4 Sqn
John Britten 5876, Britton, John, Airframes
Rod Broodryck Broodryck, Rod, 14 LAR, Armament
Brophy 5992, Brophy, Colin, Ground Electrical
Brown 5451, Brown, Anthony, "Tony", Radio
Bill Brown

Brown, Bill, Direct Entry to Armaments.
He was very involved with the manufacture of bombs etc.
Commissioned during his service.

Al Bruce 4257, Bruce, Alan "Al", Pilot, 1 Sqn
Keith Bruce 5353 Bruce, Keith, Rose to the Rank of Wing Commander
Bricks 4391, Bryson, Dave "Bricks", 30 PTC, 4 SQn, 7 Sqn
Phil Capper 5925, Capper, Phil
George Carmichael 5298, Carmichael, George, Airframes
Carter, Gary
Gary Carter
(Engines - 31 LAR)
KOAS 26 Sep 1979

Paul Case 687, Case, Paul
Basil Connellan Connellan, Basil (Radio)
Ken Chilton 1LAR Ken Chilton, 1 LAR (1955)
Charlie Connolly 6170, Connolly, Charlie, Air Traffic
Peter Cooke
Sqn Ldr P. D. Cooke
6 SSU, OC 4 Sqn, Air HQ
Renowned for his work on Air Force Assoc after 1980

Vic Cook

Cook V.B.W. Victor SCR.
19 PTC, 7 Squadron pilot.
Killed after leaving the Force in a helicopter accident in South Africa

Keith Corrans Corrans Keith, Op Sand, I Sqn, Air HQ
Ben Cowan 5987, Cowan, Ben, Armaments
Pete Cowan 5601, Cowan, Pete, Security
Dave Craft
Craft, Dave, Armament - 17 LAR.
Left after 10 and rejoined as a VR.
Now believed to farming in Zambia.
(Photo from ORAFS)

Craven 5662, Craven, Terry, Instruments
Jimmy Crookes 5638, Crookes, Jimmy, Station WO, New Sarum
John Cubitt Cubitt John, OBE MLM, Drawing Office, New Sarum.
Ric Culpan 4179, Culpan, Ric, 2 Sqn, 1 Sqn, Op Sand
Vic Culpan 4270, Culpan, Vic, 4 Sqn 7 Sqn
Chris Dams

Dams, Chris
OC 2 Sqn, OC New Sarum, Air Vice Marshall 1979

Dartnall 5559 Dartnall, Geoff, Airframes
Darvel 5877 Darvel, Lionel
Daykins 5877 Daykins
Deane 6742 Deane, Brian
De Kock 5691 De Kock, Ryk, Engines
Mick Delport Delport, Mick, Pilot, 25PTC
Demaine 5884 Demaine, Neville, Radio
Digby 4193 Digby, John, Navigator
Chris Dixon 4120 Dixon Chris or "Noxid", Pilot
Richard Dobson 6563 Dobson, Richard (Dobby), Equipment
Dunwell 5287 Dunwell, Mick, Armaments
Du Plessis Du Plessis, Leon, Pilot, 4 Sqn, KOAS 2 Sep 77
Randy Du Rand Du Rand, Randy, Pilot, 2 Sqn, 1 Sqn, OC 1Sqn

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