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Interesting Rhodesian (Military and Civil) Web Sites

Rhodesian Militaria and other Web Sites

If you have visited this site because you are interested in the military history of Rhodesia, Rhodesian Militaria including medals, Military or Civil Associations of Rhodesians, then you may find a visit to the websites listed below of interest.

Please note that we have no connection with any commercial web sites.The links that are provided on this site are for information purposes only and ARE NOT an endorsement of the information provided by any other web site. We reserve the right NOT to link to any web site for any reason.

This site is for both collectors and people that are interested in Rhodesian militaria. Its purpose is to explain the difference between genuine Rhodesian items and the fakes and copies. Covered on this site are the ones that are the rarer, and the ones that tend to be the more expensive to buy. These are predominantly items from the Selous Scouts, 'C' Squadron SAS, RLI, RAR, and the Greys Scouts. Also covered are some of the more faked items other than from these units.
Southern Africa Militaria
Stolen Medals (Rhodesian Military)

Rhodesian Air Force
Old Rhodesian Air Force Sods (ORAFS)
A history of 237 (Rhodesia) Squadron

Rhodesian Army Units
Rhodesian Light Infantry
3 Indep Coy (Inyanga) - Intake 147
4th Battalion Rhodesia Regiment
RAR/RNR Facebook Page
Rhodesian Artillery 1977/78 & Intakes 156/7
Rhodesian Light Infantry
Rhodesia Regiment Intake 155
Rhodesian Special Air Service Regiment
Selous Scouts
Selous Scouts (unofficial site)
Rhodesian Grey Scouts (unofficial site)
South African & Rhodesian Engineers

British South Africa Police
BSA Police Regimental Assn

Internal Affairs
Internal Affairs (Dudley Wall)
Guard Force (Added 2014).

Flame Lily Foundation, South Africa branch
Rhodesian Security Force Veterans in New Zealand
The Rhodesian Services Association was formed in New Zealand from a basis of people who served, or whose family served, in forces loyal to Rhodesia.
Rhodesian Services Association. Based in New Zealand
Rhodesians Worldwide on the World Wide Web
Rhodesians Worldwide Magazine
Rhodesians Worldwide Assistance Fund and Rhodesian Pioneers Club
M'DALA TRUST: Provides regular and meaningful support to destitute or needy Zimbabwean pensioners resident in the Western Cape.
International Veterans Association
Rhodesians World Wide (original website)
Saffer Wiki: Material includes anything related to the former UDF, SADF and current SANDF as well as other formal forces in Sub Saharan Africa (this means that Rhodies, Suid Westers and others who have good stuff to document are also welcome, even, latterly, Ghanaians).

Other Interesting Web Sites
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Guinea Fowl School
Land Forces of Britain, The Empire & The Commonwealth
Leopard (anti mine) and Moke Rebuilds
Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society
Out of Africa
Palace Barracks Memorial Gardens
Pookie - Mine Detecting Vehicle
Mine Sweeping incl Pookie; Another good article and photos
Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History
Rhodesian Roll of Honour 1965 - 1980
Rhodesians at War
Rhodesian & South Africa Military History (and home of the Rhodesian Government in Exile)
Rhodesian Music
Rhodesians Website
Southern Africa Militaria
Victoria Cross Reference
Window on Rhodesia: Lots of interesting articles, historical & contemporary. (Difficult to navigate)
Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force

Links to Rhodesian sites with goods for sale
Piracy of Rhodesian based material is a big problem.  The businesses who are linked below are family based businesses and Associations who work hard and make sacrifices in order to provide quality products to the public.
PeySoft Publishing (Ex Rhodesian Military Authors)
30 Degrees South Publishing
Books of Zimbabwe
Dandy Agencies (Pty) Ltd
John Edmond and Roan Antelope Music
Msasa Videos
Rhodesian Services Association
Rhodesians World Wide Magazine

Be Warned: Not all web sites are what they seem, and you may find yourself on a web site being run unscrupulously, and exploiting the natural nostalgia we have for our lost Rhodesia. There are a lot of these "Rhodesian" commercial web sites, and a few are not sound. Some lend themselves an aura of respectability by linking their web sites together.

The Flame Lily Foundation, a famous and long standing organisation that looks after the interests of Rhodesians finds itself under attack from them, and its logo copied or imitated.

Please do not hesitate to advise the web master if you find a suspect site in the military context or on this page.

We have taken the decision to not provide links to web sites about which we have concerns, or that have aims that conflict with ours, or that object to us.

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