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Thornhill Bisley Team 1964:

Bisley 1960

FLTR, Standing:
Sqn Ldr Keith Kemsley - OC 2 Sqn, Staff Sgt Moyle Yendall (Rhamc) SSQ,
Flt Lt. Mac Geeringh - SATCO, Gp. Capt. Doug Whyte - C.O.,
Sqn.Ldr. Ken Edwards - OC 4 Sqn, Flt.Lt Ted Brent - 1 Sqn,
Cpl Tech Owen Potterton (Photo Section), Cpl Geoff Dartnell (Airframes)

Shooting Team photo
Beef Belstead, Keith Hill, Boet Lamprecht, John Bennie, Bernie Collocott, George Wrigley

(Below) Berne Collocott writes:
A photo of my shooting days with Boet and some other crack shots. As you can see by the trophies, we used to win big. My claim to fame was beating Wrex Tarr for the Silver Medal in Umtali, Wrex being another icon shottist.

Click for larger Shooting Team photo
L to R. Boet Lamprecht, Keith Kemsley, Fred Sexton
Boet Swart, John Penny, Tweed Reid-Daly, Jim Gibson

Boet Lamprecht
Boet Lamprecht presented with the President's Medal by Clifford Du Pont

The 2 rifle butts are the butts off the rifles that Boet used to win the SA Championships, 1976 and 1977.

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