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6th May 1959
Flt Lt Colin Graves

As Squadron Commander, Colin Graves led a formation team of four Vampire aircraft in a practise for the "Elizabethville Air Show". During a monoeuvre to change from a finger 4 to box formation the Nr 4 aircraft struck the tail of the leader, causing that aircraft to crash, killing Colin Graves.

4th Feb 1963
Pilot Officer Terry Ryan

Provost T52. Killed while carrying out unauthorised low flying over the Salisbury Snake Park.

26th June 1963
Pilot Officer Bruce McKerron

Vampire FB9. Having "flamed-out" the Goblin Engine, (probably in a stall-turn manoeuvre) and with no acceptable "forced landing" field available in the Selukwe Area, McKerron had no option other than to attempt to "Bail out!" He was killed in the attempt.

21st December 1964
Pilot Officer Henry Elliott

Vampire FB9. Henry had not felt well all day (Montezumas' Revenge) but did not report "Sick". He launched on a night-flying training sortie (maybe marginal Guti weather) and failed to "Check" at the minimum Approach Altitude. He flew into the ground several miles short of the Runway at Thornhill.

1966 or 1967
Pilot Officer Barry Matthews
Chief Technician Sandy Trenoweth

Provost T52. Exercise Broken Arrow Tjolojo/Nyamandlovu. Crashed in a tail chase during a low-level barrel-roll.

7 January 1969
Flt Lt D. Annandale, KOAS, Air Accident

Don Annandale who at the time held the post of Armaments Officer Thornhill was flown to Kutanga Range, which was part of his responsibility, in a South African Police Cessna 182.
On completion of his work at the range the aircraft took off from the range and attempted to do a loop after takeoff without first climbing to a safe height. At the bottom of the attempted loop the aircraft struck a tree stump and was severely damaged. The pilot was killed instantly but Don survived the accident although with extensive injuries. He was placed in the Kutanga Range fire tender and driven off to the hospital in Que Que. En route the fire tender was involved in an accident and rolled. Don survived this accident too and was taken to Que Que hospital by a passing motorist.
He died later in hospital of his injuries.

1 July 1970
Sqn Ldr G. E.Nettleton, KOAS,
Flt Lt M. R. Hill, KOAS

Air Accident, Allouette III, New Sarum
Returning from an instrument flying sortie the aircraft crashed on the road outside the perimeter fence of New Sarum Air Force. Both pilots were killed in the crash. Cause of accident unknown.

26 March 1971
Sgt Young H.D., KOAS, Explosion

On the 26th March 1971 whilst working in the New Sarum bomb dump he was seriously injured when an explosion occured. He subsequently died of the wounds he sustained in the accident.

16 November 1971
Flt Lt A. G. Roughead, KOAS,
Air Lt G.N. Robertson, KOAS,

The crew of the Canberra B2 were undertaking a training sortie to Kutanga Range from New Sarum Air Force base. During a monouevre to comply with ATC instructions the wings separated fromm the aircraft as a result of the failure of Frame 21 due to metal fatigue. The Canberra crashed, killing the two crew.

11 December 1971
Flt Sgt Joubert S., KOAS,

Whilst on an Outwards Bound Course in the Chimanimani Mountains he fell 400 feet in a climbing accident.

17 January 1972
Air Lt G. Munton-Jackson, KOAS,
Flt Sgt Garden P. J., KOAS

During a force exercise the crew were tasked to take the Allouette III aircraft from New Sarum to Thornhill in bad weather. The aircraft crashed killing both the crew. The cause of the accident was thought to be caused by the pilot becomming disoriented and losing control. Alouette III was not approved for night without an horizon, or for actual IF.

August 1972
Air Sub Lt D. D. Brown, KOAS,

Shortly after qualifying for his wings and whilst on Operational Conversion Unit on No. 2 Squadron Air Sub Lt Brown was authorised to fly a training sortie in a Vampire TII aircraft. Immediately after take off the aircraft suffered an engine failure. The pilot attempted to carry our a well practised procedure to return to the airfield ("Horse shoe forced landing"). On low final approach the aircraft rolled onto its back and impacted the road just short of the runway. Air Sub Lt Brown was killed instantly.

15 February 1973
Air Lt J. E. Smart, KOAS,
Sgt Smithdorff, K. KOAS,
Air Accident

19 November 1973
Cpl Nyakaza, (GSU) KIA - Landmine

4 April 1974
Air Sub Lt K.W. Goddard KOAS
Air Sub LtW.R.Airey KOAS

Following an explosion in the bomb bay the aircraft was destroyed. It was carrying out a low level bombing attach north of the border in the Maconbe area. It was armed with 96 x 20 lb fragmentation bombs. It was presumed that one of the 20lb frag bombs had hit another that was armed and that this resulted in a chain reaction.

4 April 1974
Flt Lt B. C. Weinman KIA
SAC Durrett P.R. KIA

Trojan, Shot down by Strella Missile, Mocambique

17 December 1974
Air Lt B.Murdock KOAS

MushumbiPools. Struck vehicle on runway during night take-off

20 April 1974
Air Sub Lt R. J. Wilson KIA
Flt Sgt Andrews R. S. KIA

Trojan, Shot down by Strella Missile, Mocambique

3 June 1975
Off Cdt Delport B. M. KOAS

Vampire T11 R4223

19 June 1975
Air Sub Lt R. J. Boulter KOAS Air Accident

Provost, Gwelo area. No 2 in Tailchase. Crashed, reason uncertain.

23rd December 1975
2 Lt van Rensberg
Sgt P. van Rensberg (killed)
Maj Gen J. R. Shaw (killed)
Col D. G. Parker (killed)
Capt I. A. B. Robertson (killed)
Capt M. J. Lamb (killed)

Alouette III, hit wires

16 February 1976
Sqn Ldr G. A.Routledge KOAS Air Accident
This entry date in doubt

18th July 1976
Sgt J. P. Graham KIA

Alouette III. Tech killed by ground fire

1 September 1976
Sgt Belstead H. F. KIA

Alouette III. Tech killed by ground fire

2 September 1976
Flt Lt H. W. H. Stevens KIA

Lynx, NE Mozambique Border, Aircraft hit by ground fire

21 October 1976
Flt Lt R. R. Hulley

KOAS Night range sortie, Kutanga Range.

6 January 1977
Sqn Ldr P. A. Barnett (KOAS)
Flt Lt D. E. Mallett (KOAS)
Cpl A. Bradley (army)(KOAS)

DAKOTA DC3 D7034, A.C hit overhead wire.

12 January 1977
Flt Lt I. H. Donaldson (KIA)
Air Sub Lt D. Hawkes (KIA)
Capt R.S.S. Warracker (army)(KIA)

Canbera B2 R2514. Malvernai area. Bomb bay exploded after being hit by ground fire.

4 May 1977
AC Brown W. C. KOAS

Lynx R4306. Passenger. Umtali area. Aircraft flew into rising ground

17 May 1977
SAC Nelson R. G. KIA

Alouette III. Tech killed by ground fire.

31 May 1977
Flt Lt B. Collocott KIA

Dakota R3702. Mapai area on Op Aztec. Aircraft hit by RPG on take off.

2 September 1977
Air Lt D. L. Du Plessis KIA

Sgt Underwood J. S. KIA

Lynx, Umtali, Hit ground while carrying out attack

November 1977
W.O.1 Barnes A. KOAS

23 November 1977
Air Lt P. W. Haig KIA

Vampire R1386. Mtoko. Shot down by ground fire.

12 January 1978
Flt Lt N. Maasdorp
Flt Sgt Jarvie H. KIA

Alouette III R5757. Mtoko. Shot down by ground fire.

12 January 1978
Flt Sgt Flemming I. A. KIA

Alouette III R5701. Mtoko. Tech hit by ground fire.

28 July 1978
Flt Lt G. H. F. Du Toit KIA
Sgt Nelson K. P KIA

Alouette III R5177. Hit by RPG 7 Chioco area, Mozambique

14 January 1979
Flt Lt Fynn K. J. KOAS
Cpl A.H.W. Turner KOAS
Capt D. Havnar KOAS

Alouette III R5170 Gwenoro Dam. Mid Air collission.

14th January 1979
Cpl Cutmore B. N.

Alouette III R5701 Gwenoro Dam Mid Air Collission. Exact day of the month in doubt.

3 September 1979
AC Wesson A.J.C. KIA

Bell 205 R6098. Mocambique. Hit by RPG7

26 September 1979
AirLt P. M. Bate KOAS
Sgt Carter G. R. KOAS

Alouette III. R5705. Umtali Area. Hit power lines

1 October 1979
AC Nyamayaro Evans KIA

3 October 1979
Flt Lt K. L.Pienke KIA
Flt Lt J.J. Strydom (KIA)

Canberra B2 R5203. Mocambique. Hit by ground fire.

Air Lt Gordon B. K. KIA

Hunter R1821. Mocambique. Flew into target.

1 November 1979
Cpl Mangwiro R. KIA

25 December 1979
Flt Lt A. J. Senekal KOAS Air Accident

13 March 1980
AC Dhale C.

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