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7 Sqn 1964

Back Row: S.A.C. JJ Munro, A.C. IR Grove, Jnr. Tech. EB Hobbs, Jnr.Tech. RG Evans, Cpl/Tech EG Flawn, S.A.C. RN Peetz, A.C. GB Hayter, A.C JWJ Newman
Middle Row: Cpl. AR Mickelwood, Snr. Tech. D. Panton, Chf. Tech. DB Webster, Plt. Off. DG Becks, Flt. Lt. RC Earp-Jones, Flt. Lt. P. Piggott, W.O.1 ET Powell, Sgt. PF Haddon, Cpl. RA Barham

Sitting: Flt.Lt. JF Barnes, Flt. Lt. GE Nettleton, Flt. Lt. LAS Taylor, Sqdn. Ldr. OD Penton AFC (OC), Flt. Lt. PD Cooke, Flt. Lt. MJ Smithdorff, Flt Lt AM Hofmeyr

Alouette III in the Chimanimani Mountains

    Photo (above)by P O'Reilly (found on the ORAF's web site) 7 Sqn 1968 Jacklin Trophy Parade 7 Sqn 1968 Jacklin Trophy admired
Above: 7 Sqn Jacklin Trophy Parade 1968.

Left: After the parade, a few proud members of the squadron.

Gordon Nettleton LEFT: Sqn Ldr Gordon Nettleton OC 7 Sqn
Alouette II
An Alouette II with an Alouette III behind, early days at Grand Reef.
7 Squadron 1971
No 7 Squadron Annual Photograph 1971
(Photograph Rhodaf)

(Front Row) Sqn Ldr Mick Grier
(Second Row) George Wrigley, Harold Griffiths
(Third Row) Ian Harvey, Pete Bristow
(Fourth Row) Vic Cook, John Annan, Ed Paintin, Brian Penton, Ken Law, Tudor Thomas
(Fifth Row) Clive Tapping, Dave Panton, Pat Jeffries
(Sixth Row)Roy Stewart, Rob Blumeris, Simon Maitland, Fin Marcussen, Terry Warner
(Back Row) Pete McColough,Brian Warren, Bob StQuinten, Bob Mackie

Note: Two crews deployed at the time of the photograph.

Pete McCabe receives the Gunners Award

Pete McCabe receiving the 7 Squadron Gunners trophy from Eddy Wilkinson at the Sarum Sports club sometime in 1974. Mike Upton is in the background with his ever present cigarette.
Pete succesfully held the trophy until he left for Australia in 1983.

Butch Phillips mans the Gun Terry Warner on OPS
7 Sqn mountain flying Testing the MAG over Lake Mac

Ready to go.

7 Squadron, ready to go.

Under the bridge Chirundu bridge, as seen by Terry Warner.


Dave Becks with Allouette R501 after the rebuild in 1964

Gunners Wings Parade 1971 Gunners Wings Parade 1971
(Left to Right): Finn Cunningham, Rob Blumeris, Pat Jeffries, Bernie Way, Sqn Ldr Mick Grier, Gp Capt Frank Mussell, Air Lt Tudor Thomas, WOI Dave Panton

Allouette III with underslung load.jpg Allouette U/S Load

Barry Roberts' Alo

Barry Roberts' helicopter damaged at Chicoa when the engine cover was drawn into the rotor head.

Chicoa is now under Caborra Bassa

20mm Cannon on the K car K Car with the 20mm fit

K-Car 20mm gun from operators view 20mm close up

G-Car Mag 7.62.jpg G Car with 7.62 mag

303 Brownings in the G Car G-Car 303 Browning fit

Jacklin Trophy 1978

(1978): Sqn Ldr Griffiths receives the Jacklin Trophy on behalf of No.7 Squadron
from Air Marshall McLaren

Borlace July 76

25th July 1976

Alouette 111 (R5076) (Cat 5)
Struck trees near Rutenga.
Occupants Flt. Lt. M. Borlace and Sgt R. (Butch) Graydon.
Trooping from Buffalo Range.

Photo shows Butch with the wreck.
Cat 5 = Aircraft beyond repair and scrapped.

A tight LZ A Tight LZ (Photo T. Warner)

Allouette in the hover

Allouette III in the hover

(Rhodesian Air Force livery)

(Photograph Rhodaf)


7 Sqn May 1981 (7 and 8 Sqn combined)

Fltr: Back Row: Beretta, Greydon, Braun, Odendaal, Williams, Joubert, Joubert, Rayne, Steyn, Crivellari, Goodman,
Front Row: Glynn-Jones, Naughtin, Harvey, Straker, Jackman, Shirley, Henderson, Ness, Meikle, Farrell, Potterton, Harvey, Blain, ? , Wallis, Schilvinck, McLure?

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