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The first flag raised in Rhodesia was the Union Flag It was raised at Fort Salisbury on13th September 1890.

The first British South Africa Company flag was raised at Fort Salisbury in 1892.


(Above) The first of two BSAC flags

The flag of the BSAC was raised in the Matabele capital of Bulawayo on 4 November 1893.

The flag consisted of a Union Jack with the BSAC badge in the centre. The badge comprised a yellow lion holding an elephant's tusk (a symbol that was to last until the 1990s although it's form was modernised) and standing on a red and yellow wreath. Under the wreath were the letters B.S.A.C. in black.(See above)

Following the Matabele uprising in 1893, the Company annexed Matabeleland and hoisted the BSAC flag over Bulawayo. This flag was a Union Jack with in the center on a white roundel, the crest from the BSAC coat of arms. Later a red circle was added around a white disc. (See below)

Second of Two BSAC Flags

(Above) The second of two BSAC Flags

In about 1898 the British South Africa Company Police (BSAC Police) changed to the British South Africa Police (BSAP).

In 1949 a new variation of the BSAP badge was adopted. The new BASP Flag consisted of a dark blue field with the new badge at the centre. (see below). The badge was a lion encircled by a scroll bearing the BSAP motto. The crest and scroll were in yellow with the words of the motto, on the scroll in dark blue.

First BSAP Flag 1949 to 1960

(Above) The First BSAP Flag (1949 - 1960)

This flag was in use until 1960 when it was changed in three ways. The field colour of the flag was changed to a brilliant navy blue and the crest was simplified by removing the encircling scroll and motto and making the lion and spears more open in design. The scroll with the motto in black was placed in an open format under the crest. A queens crown was added (see below)

The Second BSAP Flag, 1960 to 1970

(Above) The second BSAP Flag (1960 - 1970)

Up to this point the BASP had a dual role as police and military.

In 1960 they were the first force to confront the terrorists. Later the army took opn this role but the BSAP were nearly always involved and they retained some units in a miliatry role.

During 1970 when Rhodesia became a republic the crown was removed from the crest. (See below)

BSAP flag,1970 to 1980

(Above) The third BSAP Flag (1970 - 1980)

The BSAP Emblem

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