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Technical Taining Courses up to 20 LAR incl

LAR stands for Local Airmen Recruits. The LAR courses were trained at No1 GTS (Ground Training School), New Sarum.
The OAR (Overseas Airmen Recruits) courses went to either RAF Halton or RAF Locking.

(Attested individually (rather than as an Intake) between April & November 1955)

Back Row: 881 Ken Chilton (Airframes), 909 Pete Poole (Engines), Ken Bowie
Middle Row:
892 Alan Allen (air Signaller), 879 Don Annandale (Armourer, KOAS 09.01.69 Air Accident), 886 Cedric Herbert (Photographic), "Chunky" Brewer, 889 Eddie Flawn (Engines),
907 Terry Pepper (Engines), 878 Sandy Steele (Electrics), 882 "Bundy" Nuttal- Smith (Engines)
Not present: 935 Denis Prowling (Engines), 970 Doug Boswell (Photographic remustered instruments)

2 LAR attested 28.06.1956

Number Name Trade Posted
5000 HARDWICK D. P. Radio Retired30.12.1958
5001MARITZ D. Y. "Derek" AirframesRetired 06.01.1963
5002STEFFENSON B. E. "Brian" AirframesRetired 06.01.1963
5003VERDON R. A. "Ray" AirframesRetired 1973
5011 HAMMOND E. G. "Eric"Airframes Retired 06.12.1963
5070 McDONALD A. W. R. Radio  
5077 THURMAN K. "Keith" Supplies Retired

3 LAR attested 01.08.1958

FLTR: (All Airframes
5138 STOREY M. R.,  5136 MAYTHAM A. D. L. W.,  5135 FINNESS C. E.
5137 McCORMACK M. E.(not in the photo)
Photo supplied by Will Gee through ORAFs

4 LAR Attested 02.02.1959

FLTR: 5165 Bill McBean, 5166 Ernie Street, 5167 Errol Leat, 5164 Will Gee.
Bill McBean re-mustered to Clerk General Duties and remained in the service.
The other three (Airframes) left at the break-up of the Federation.
Photo supplied by Will Gee through ORAFs

5 LAR Attested 03.08.1959 5 LAR

Standing Left - right: 1 5196 Barry Grimes Instruments, 4 5202 John de Stadler Instruments, 5 5199 Clive Westbrook Instruments, 6 5203 Bill McCarter Airframes, 7 Neville Roberts (not on this course)
Front: Centre, de Goveia (not on this course, 3 Gerald (Stretch) Essen (not on this course)

5 LAR INSTRUMENTS Xmas Dining In 1959 5 LAR

Back: Barry Grimes, Reg Lohan (TBC), John De Stadler
Front: Brian Hillen-Moore, Pat (Speedy) McCormack (4 lar), Graham Joseph, Clive Westbrook

Full list of course names 5 LAR in the table below.
NumberName TradePosted
5193 JOSEPH G. R. "Graham" Instruments Retired 17.12.1963
5194 HILLEN-MOOR B. Brian" Supplier Resigned
5195 BYARS A."ALAN" Fire Fighter  
5196 GRIMES B. H."Barry" Instruments Retired
5197 BROODRYK D. J. A. "Derek" Instruments Resigned 24.12.1963
5198CAMERON G. B. "Joe" AirframesRetired 02.08.1979
5199WESTBROOK C. N. "Clive" Instruments Retired 16.12.1963
5200van LOGGERENBERG R. "Richard (Dick)" AirframesRetired 01.09.1964
5201 PENNY C. J. "Charles (Chaz)" Airframes 
5202 De STADLER J. R.Instruments Retired 06.12.1963
5203 Mc CARTER W. T. "Bill" Airframes Retired 06.12.1963

6 LAR Attested 1/2/1960

Number Name Trade Posted
5225 de GOVIA M. E "Mike" Electrical Retired 31.08.1971
5226 CARR D. A. L. Armourer Retired 10.12.1963?
5227 COETZEE A. J. Electrical  
5228 DAVIDSON R. Photo Retired 17.01.1963
5229 EDMINSON D. J. "John"


Retired 06.12.1963
5230 ESSON G. J. Armourer Retired 20.03.1962
5232 HUGHES R. "Rockey" Photo Retired 02.08.1961
5233 JANSON D. Armourer Retired 31.12.1963
5235 PROWSE A. M. Electrical Retired 01.06.1964
5236 ROBERTS N. "Neville" Electrical Retired 17.171963
5237 SMALL B. A."Bruce" Electrical Retired 30.06.1970


Electrical Retired 06.01.1963

7 LAR, Attested 01.08.1960

NumberName TradePosted
5261 BEDFORD C. J. "Colin" Electrical  
5262 Mc CLUSKEY I. G. R. Engine Discharged 07.02.1961
5263 Du TOIT J. G. "John" Engine, No 1 COTTS Retired
5264 De KOCK Engine Retired 30.12.1963
5265 CHESTER C. A. "Clive"


Retired 03.01.1969
5266 CHALMERS T. A. M. "Tom" Inst Retired 30.01.1970
5267 BRIGHTEN J. C. Inst Retired 24.12.1963
5268 HALL D. J. Inst Retired 30.10.1970
5269 Du PLESSIS W. Inst Retired 31.07.1971
5270 Du TOIT R. B. Inst Retired 30.06.1971
5271 SKINNER C. P. J. Engine Retired 10.12.1963
5272 LITTLEWOOD B. J. Engine Discharged 17.10.1960
5273 Le ROUX D. H. Engine Retired 31.10.1970
5274 HULBERT M. W. "Martin" Engine Retired 30.06.1971
5275 KEMPSON J. G. S. Engine Discharged 30.03.1961

Tom Chalmers writes:
There were never any photos taken of 7 Course, as apart from Roody and myself they were all ugly sods and Photo Section were worried about their cameras.
Ed Potterton writes:
John du Toit was on No 1 COTTS (Cadet Officer Technical Training Course), i.e., training course to commission technicians. No 1 COTTS received its officer training with 21 PTC at No 2 GTS, Thornhill, 1967. The others on that course were Gerry Hayter (Airframes) and Roy Hopkins (Radio)

8 LAR, Attested 01.02.1961

5298 CARMICHAEL G. S. "George", Airframes     5300 STONE D. G. A. "UNK", Airframes     5305 BARHAM R. A. "Roy", Airframes
5304 DIPPENAAR D. C. Airframes     5306 de GOVIA K. R. "Ken" Airframes     5301 RUTTERS G. C. "Rusty", Airframes remustered Wireless
5308 JANSON R. K. Airframes     5311 CLARK S. B. Airframes     5307 ODENDAAL J. P. Airframes
5299 SCHOEMAN S. I., Airframes     5302 JOHNSTONE D. H. E. Airframes     5303 MITCHELL R. R. Airframes     5310 GOODALL L. "Lionel" Electrical

8 LAR Airframes
Click on picture for larger view
8 LAR in the class room.
Davy Whittingham talks to 8 LAR

9 LAR: Attested 10.04.1961 and 08.05.1961

Number Name Trade Posted
5317 JACK S. E. H   Retired 10.12.1963
5318 CAHILL J. R.   Retired 24.12.1963
5319 MITCHELL R. W.   Retired 17.12.1963
5320 HUMPHRIES G. K. "Ken" Wireless Retired 30.10.1971
5321 HASTINGS L. J. "Les"


Retired 31.08.1971
5322 PELLEY C. M. Wireless Resigned 01.01.1965
5323 HUGHES A. B "Tony" Wireless remusterd PJI Retired 31.03.1973
5324 HOPKINS R. D. "Roy" Wireless remustered 1 COTTS Retired
5331 MAUGHAM F. G. T. "Fred" Electrical Retired early 1980's
5332 COWIE S. K. Air Radar Retired Dec 1963
5333 BIENEDELL K. J. Wireless Retired
5334 HAY B. G. "Brian" Wireless Retired Dec 1963
5335 HUNT A. M. Wireless Retired Dec 1963
5336 AMOS G. A. Wireless Retired Dec 1963

10 LAR Attested 01.08.1961

Number Name Trade Posted
5353 BRUCE K. "Keith" Engines Retired 1983
5354 CHARD C. R. "Clive" Engines Retired 31.01.1972
5355 de VILLIERS M. Engines Retired 04.12.1963
5357 GREENFIELD H. A. Engines Retired 04.12.1963
5359 MURRAY J. I. M.


Retired 10.12.1963
5356 ELY N. C "Norman" Engines Retired
5358 HEEKES A. H. Engines Retired 01.12.1967
5360 MUNRO J. T. Engines remustered PTC failed. Resigned
5361 NESBIT S. J. "Stan" Engines Retired
5362 YORK B. A. "Barry" Engines Retired 1980's
5348 BATES B. M. Engines Retired
5365 BARNARD H. P. Instruments Retired 30.07.1971
5354 BOND K. J. Instruments Resigned 01.06.1967
5344 HOBBS E. B. "Eddie" Instruments Retired mid 1980's
5346 DENNIS M. C. Safety Equipment

Retired 30.06.1973
Rejoined 01.02.1974

5347 du PLESSIS A. J. Safety Equipment Retired 10.12.1963
5351 TWELLS P. Safety Equipment Retired 10.12.1963
5352 van ERP W. H. Safety Equipment Retired 21.10.1963
5349 MOORE C. "Chris" Safety Equipment Resigned 01.05.1965
5350 STRAW R. P. Safety Equipment Died 10.05.1971

11 LAR: Attested 05.02.1962

11 LAR

Back Row Standing:
5409 CRAWFORD T. W. "Tom", Instruments,   5410 BOOTH T. H. "Trevor", Airframes; John Pringle, Airframes; Bertie May, Barry Ord, Fynn Marcussen
2nd Row Standing:
5411 BLITHENTHAL G. T., Airframes; John Oberto; 5415 CROSSLAND R. M. "Rory", Armament; U/K; 5406 MAUGHAN B. M. "Monty", Airframes, 2COTTS (Officers Training Course), 5405 RITCHIE "Jim", Airframes; 5414 AGNEW J. B., Armament
1st Row Standing: U/K; U/K; 5407 LAST T. "Terry", Airframes; 5412 TOWNSEND T. D. "Tim," Airframes; 5408 COREBETT W. A. "Tony", Airframes; Pete Nisbet; U/K; Pete Garden Staff (sitting): U/K - Mike Going - Jock Howie - Davey Whittingham - Bill Johnstone

Two of the UnKnowns above are:
5413 RISEBOROUGH, Instruments
5416 STRYDOM D. O. "Danny", Engines
Can you tell me which they are?

12 LAR: Attested 02.04.1962

Number Name Trade Posted
5424 ARMITAGE W. G. "Willie" Armament Retired 30.11.1972
5425 BEAN R. A. Armament Retired
5426 DICKENSON D. R. Airframes Retired
5427 REID-DALY C. H. J. Airframes Retired 04.01.1977
5428 GUNNING P. J.


Retired 06.04.1977
5429 HADDON P. S. "Pete"   Left 10.12.1963
5430 HOUSTON W. M. "Mo" Radio Retired
5431 HOLLAND R. D. "Bob" Instrument Resigned 01.05.1965
5432 JARMAN R. E. "Ron" Electrical Retired
5433 JOSS H. G. "George" Armament Retired
5434 JAMES R. W. E. "Bob" Electrical Retired 01.09.1969
5435 KIRK A. "Tony" Armament Retired
5436 KASCHULA B. M. "Barry" Airframes Retired 01.06.1967
5437 LEONARD R. B. "Kevin" Radio Retired
5439 MAZARIS N. B. "Nick" Electrical Resigned 01.02.1966
5440 NORMAN J. B. "Johnny" Instruments Retired
5441 PACKER R. D. Instruments Left 10.12.1963
5442 PHILLIPS K. A. E. "Butch" Electrical Retired 31.01.1972
5443 PHIPPS G. K. Po Radio Retired
5445 STRYDOM A. A. Airframes Left 15.03.1963
5446 VAUGHAN B. S. Radio Resigned 01.06.1967
5448 COTTON R. "Bob" Airframes retired 03.06.1972
5450 HARGREAVES G. F. Airframes Left 30.11.1963
5451 BROWN A. H. "Tony" Radio Retired
5452 NEWMAN A. T. "Tony" Airframes Retired 30.04.1972
5453 KNOETZE P. C. Electrical Resigned 10.12.1964
5454 BURGESS A. G. Airframes Resigned 01.05.1965
5455 BISHOP C. D. Airframes Resigned 31.10.1967
5656 BOREJZO J. "John" Airframes Retired
5457 STEAD S. A. "Steve" Armamants Retired
5458 EVANS R. G. "Fifi" Electrical Retired
5459 MURFIN R. K. Armaments Resigned 01.07.1965
5460 VERNEY R. A. J. "Dick" Electrical Resigned 01.06.1967
5461 DOULL B. W. "Bernie" Airframes Retired 31.07.1972
5464 Du TOIT R. H. Instruments Left 10.12.1963
5485 VERSTER A. F. S.E.W Resigned 01.02.1968

13 LAR Attested 06/08/1962
13 LAR 13 LAR Photo by Rhodesian Air Force, sent to us by ORAFS

Number Name Trade Posted
5494 PENNY J. J. E. Armaments Retired 31.07.1978
5495 PEAK M. K. "Mike" Wireless Retired
5496 ROBERTSON S. D. Airframes Retired
5497 RANGE .V. S. R. Airframes Retired 07.11.1963
5498 SCOTT C. R.


Retired 01.11.1963
5499 SWANEPOEL G. P. Airframes Retired 04.12.1963
5500 STEWART R. D. "Roy" Engines Retired
5501 SPIERS P. G. Engines Retired 24.12.1963
5502 SMITH D. G. Wireless Retired
5503 THOMPSON E. J. Instruments Retired
5504 ECKERT G. H. Wireless Retired
5505 TAYLOR A. G. Wireless Retired 17.12.1963
5506 TERVIT I. D. Instruments Retired
5507 van der MERWE D. J. Instruments Retired
5508 WALKER E. S. Electrical Discharged 08.08.1964
5509 WASSERMAN H. P. Airframes Retired 10.12.1963
5510 WALLER J. C Wireless Retired 10.12.1963
5512 ANDERSON J. "Tubby" Electrical Retired 30.11.1972
5513 ANDREWS R. B. J. Instruments Retired
5515 BLAKEY J. B. Electrical Resigned 31.01.1971
5516 CASELTON P. J. Engines Retired
5517 CRUICKSHANK I. M. "Ian" Instruments Retired 10.08.1980
5518 CLOUGH F. A Airframes Retired
5519 CLARK A. R. E. Armaments Resigned 04.12.1963
5520 CLATTEN D. A. Airframes Retired
5521 de BEER E. R. Electrical Resigned 02.12.1963
5522 DYRE W. D. Wireless Resigned 01.06.1967
5523 FARRELL N. "Norman" Airframes Resigned 01.03.1975 TBC
5524 FORRESTER N. E. "Jungs" Airframes Retired
5525 GREEN C. J. "Johnny" Engines Retired
5526 HORNIGOLD R. E. Electrical Resigned 17.12.1963
5528 LOMBARD B. H. Engines Resigned 01.03.1963
5529 MILNE B. M. "Tubby" Armaments remustered Range Warden Retired
5530 MARINOS N. "Nick" Armaments Retired
5531 MILNE G. C. Airframes Retired
5532 MACKIE C. R. L."Bob" Engines Retired
5533 MILES V. G. Engines Resigned 10.12.1963
5534 MATTHEWS M. P. Airframes Retired
5535 HOWELL A. H. Wireless Resigned 02.10.1968
5536 ALLAN P. G. Safety Equipment Worker Retired
5537 PEETZ R. N. Airframes Retired 30.11.1973

14 LAR  Attested 04/02/1963

Number Name Trade Posted
5579 BARNARD F. C "Carl" Armaments Retired
5582 BROODRYK R. A. "Rodney" Armaments Retired
5583 Van ROOYEN D. R. Armaments Resigned 01.11.1965
5584 HYLAND R. S. T Armaments Discharged 26.05.1965
5585 FIRMIN G. B. "George"


Resigned 01.06.1965
5586 BADENHORST H. P. "Pete" Armaments Resigned 03.05.1973
5587 BELL E. M. Armaments Resigned 15.09.1973
5589 WHETLEY R. J. Armaments Resigned 01.02.1965
5591 RICHARDSON-JONES M. SEW Resigned 07.03.1963
5592 MASKELL K. V. SEW ReResigned 17.12.1963

15 LAR  Attested 01/01/1964

Number Name Trade Posted
5647 UPTON Mike Engines Retired
5648 DICK R.P. SEW Discharged
5650 CHARLES Roland "Charlie" Electrical Retired
5651 WICKHAM Pete SEW Retired
5652 WRIGHT K. F. Keith "Shiner" SEW Resigned
5655 COULTER I. "Ian" SEW Resigned
5656 PROOME M..P. Marcus


5657 LARSEN D.G. "Dave" Electrical Resigned
5658 HUGO V. J. "Victor" Electrical Retired
5660 SCHONKEN J.F.W.T. "Johnny" SEW Retired
5661 CARROLL R.E. "Rich" SEW Served until1974
5662 CRAVEN T.P. "Terry" Electrical Retired
5663 DAY G. S. Gordon "Smiler" Electrical Served untill 1989
5666 TROLLOPE R.A. "Rich" SEW Discharged
5668 WHIDDETT J. V. "John" SEW Re-muster Supplier
5669 BOARDMAN E. J. "Emie" Electrical Retired
5670 JOSS M. C. F. "Mick" Electrical Retired
5671 NESS J. A."John" Electrical Retired
5672 CANNON Tony Equipment Retired
5673 JOHNSON B. N. "Barry" Electrical Retired

16 LAR Attested 6/1/1964, 13/1/1964

Number Name Trade Posted
  GROVE I. "Ivan" Air Wireless Retired
  MANSER R. "Bob" Air Radio Retired
  St QUINTON R V "Bob" Airframes Retired
  SMIT C. "Cornelius" Airframes Retired
  SMITHDORFF Kevin "Tinker" Airframes Killed Allouette III accident 21/02/1973
  JELLIMAN N. "Norman" Airframes Retired
  TURNER K. "Ken" Airframes Retired
  von WEILLIGH C J."Jeff" Air Wireless Retired
  WHITEHEAD J. H. "John" Air Wireless Retired
  YEO R. "Ray" Airframes Retired
  ELTRINGHAM D. "Dennis" Air Wireless Remustered 2 COTTS Retired
  HUGHES S. R "Lofty" Air Wireless Re-mustered to Clerk GD Retired
  LAMBIE R. C. "Reg" Airframes. Retired
  WHITE B. J. "Basil" Air Wireless Retired
  de KOCK Ryk de W Air Wireless. Retired
  LOMBARD A. D. "Des". Airframes. Retired
  MARE N. P. "Nevil" Airframes. Retired
  PITTAWAY A "Alec" Airframes. Retired
  QUINN D. A.G. "Doug" Airframes. Retired
  BLUMERIS B A "Reg" Airframes Retired
  VINE T. C. "Trevor" Air Radio Retired
  van der WESTERHUIZEN E "van" Airframes Retired
  HOWIE I. C. "Ian"? Air Wireless Retired

17 LAR
Attested 20.01.1964

17 LAR

18 LAR Attested 15.07.1964 and 04.01.1965 18 LAR

18 LAR
Rear Row: Dannie Swart, Ray Brockwell, Steve Britz, Viv Elliott, Butch Graydon, Les, Authers, Tubby McCullough
Centre Row: Terry Warner, John Du Plessis, Bernard Graaff (later remustered 21PTC), Chris Kruger, Mike Daykin, Mike De la Rue
Front Row: Willy Jervois, FSgt Jimmy Crookes (later the SWO), Sqn Ldr Goofy Proudfoot, WO Harry Marshall, Barnie Hall, Derek Snider

19 LAR

Attested 01.03.1965 and 09.03.1965

Number Name Trade Posted
5856 HUBBARD R. W. "Reg" Wireless Resigned
5857 JARVIE H. A. J. "Henry or Hutch" Engines KIA 12.01.78
5858 JOHNSON I. D. "Ivan" Wireless Resigned
5859 McCORMICK H. ""Hugh or Mac" Airframes Resigned 1975
5860 MOORES A. D. "Alan"

Electrical remustered Engines 1965, remustered 1965 clerk GD, Commissioned

Resigned 1982/3
5861 POTTS J. R. C. "John" Engines Resigned 1975
5862 STEWART R. K. "Roy" Electrical Resigned 1975
5863 TEMPLETON S. A. W. "Sid" Wireless Resigned 1975
5864 WHITFIELD W. W. "Windy" Electrical Resigned 1984
5865 BERGER D. "Fats" Electrical Resigned 1969/70
5866 WEBSTER I. "Bunny" Airframes Resigned 1975
5867 DOBSON I. R. "Dobby" Electrical Resigned 1969/70
5868 LEWIS-ENRIGHT D. P. "Dennis" Electrical Discharged
5869 EASTWOOD G. R. "George" Airframesd Resigned 1975


NEVILLE T. E. "Tervor" Wireless Resigned
5872 SINCLAIRE D. G. "Moos" Airframes Resigned 1982
5873 STAPLES A. J. "Nails" Airframes Resigned 1975
5874 YOUNG H. D. "Harry" Armament Died of wounds sustained in an accident New Sarum bomb dump
5875 WOODS D. "Duncs" Electrical Resigned 1984
5876 BRITTON H. J. "JB" Airframes Resigned 1975
5877 DAYKIN B. J. "Brian" Airframes Resigned 1982
5878 EVANS A. W. B. E. "Artie" Airframes remustered to Safety Equipment worker 1966 Retired 1983
5879 FORMAN R. "Roger" Airframes Resigned 1975
5880 BALFORE C. D. "Colin" Armament Resigned 1982
5881 CORY A. W. "Anthony" Armament Resigned 1969
5882 ANTLETT G. C. "Geoff" Wireless. Remustered 21PTC 1967 Suspended Resigned 1969
5883 COOPER R. V. R "Ron" Wireless Resigned 1968
5884 DEMAINE N. G. "Neville" Wireless Resigned 1975
5885 BAIN J. B. "Jock" Engines Resigned 1975
5886 COLLOCOTT B. K. "Berine" Engines Resigned 1975
5887 BURMEISTER K. L. "Ken" Engines Resigned 1980
5888 HOLLAND E. M. "Dutchie" Engines Resigned 1975
5889 ATTWELL K. A. C. "Keith" S.E.W. Resigned 1967
5890 HOPE K. E. "Ken" S.E.W Resigned 1981
5891 BRIERS G. A. "George" Electrical Resigned 1968
5900 BOSE R. A. "Rich" Wireless Resigned 1975
  EVANS G. "Glen" Airframes Resigned 1975

20 LAR Attested 12.01.1966

Number Name Trade Posted
5927 MAWDESLEY W. E."Bill" Electrical Retired
5929 WEATHERALL C. "Colin" Wireless then Teleprinter Retired
5930 BOSWELL M. D. "Mike" Instruments Retired
5932 HODGESON C. H. " Guy" Instruments Retired
5924 ARNOTT J. S. "Jack"


5925 CAPPER P. S. "Phill" Wireless Retired
5926 JAMISON M. M. "Mike/Jimmy" Wireless Retired
5928 McCABE P. A. "Pete" Wireless Retired
5931 CUNNINGHAM F. E. "Fynn" Instruments Retired Killed MCaccident
5933 MURRAY S. H. "Steve" Instruments remustered PTC Retired
5934 SIMPSON G. L. "Geoff" Instruments Retired
5935 van SCHALKWYK J. D. "Boet" Instruments Retired
5936 BROWN S. K. "Syd" Armaments Retired
5937 FLEMMING A. I. "Ian/Flamo" Armrments KIA 12.01.1978 Helicopter crash
5938 MANNING J. "John" Armaments Retired
5939 VOSS A. R. "Tony" Armaments Retired
5942 CUTTLER A. E. "Alan" Airframes Retired
5939 ONGERS M. R. "Mike" Armaments Retired
5940 STEYN G. P. "Gabriel" Armaments Discharged 01.10.1966
5943 BLUMERIS R. H. "Rob" Airframes Retired
5944 MELTON M. S. "Mike" Airframes Retired 1977
5945 OLIVEY P. J. "PJ" Airframes Retired
5946 TODD M. R. "Mike" Airframes Retired
5947 TAYLOR M. E. "Mike" Airframes Retired
5948 GILES H. V. "Hedley" Photographic Retired
5954 WHYTE D. L. "Doug" Photographic Retired
5955 EVANS G. L. "Glen" Engines Retired

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