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Oxford in formation

An Oxford in formation

Three Avro Ansons being ferried from the UK - June 1948

Three Avro Ansons being ferried from the UK
June 1948

Beech BE55 - Baron presented to Ian Smith

Beech BE55 - Baron presented to Ian Smith
and operated by 3 Sqn

Pembroke Arrival 1953

(Above) Pembroke Arrival in Salisbury in 1956
(Click on photo for wide screen view)

Dakota and Pembroke formation

Dakotas and Pembroke in formation

Dakota 32715
Photo of DC3 in RRAF colours above supplied by Peter Petter Bowyer

Dakota accident Fort Hill Nyasaland

Dakota accident Fort Hill Nyasaland 3 July 1959

3 Sqn flew the DC4 3 Sqn flew the DC4

The DC 4 photographed the week it arrived at New Sarum.
Tail shows the contemporary RRAF tail markings

Ron Stevens writes:
The attached photos I took one Sunday morning at New Sarum. It was the first Canadair DC4M(ARGONAUT) to arrive. These pictures were taken just a few days after. I have no idea of the date but it was sometime in late 1959 or early 1960, I think.
The aircraft were ex BOAC.

Photo sent to this web site by ORAFS.

3 Squadron 1960
Number 3 Squadron, 1960

Back Row: U/K, Alan Dewsbury, Frank Reeves, Alex Scott, Rusty Theobald, Ron Simmonds, Les Grace, U/K, Brian Ditcham,
Les Johnston, U/K.
2nd Row: U/K, Jim Waterman, Don Esterhuizen, Pete Haddon, Doug Smith, U/K, U/K, Rod Hall, U/K, Ian Davidson, Keith Stewart, U/K
3rd Row: Pat Parmenter, Rex Ovington, U/K , Derek De Kock, Bill Savage, U/K, Peter Ruile, Jim Badger, Bill Rundle, Dave Johnson,
Cyril Jones
4th Row: Kas Edwards, Chris Hudson, Peter Barnett, Harry Coleman, John Van Ryneveld, Bill Jelly, Doc Holliday
Front Row: Gerry Dunn, Mick Grier, Peter Knobel, Johnny Johnson, Mike Reynolds, George Alexander, John Rogers, Gordon Nettleton, Brian Horney, John Aldridge

Daks Formation 1962
Dakota Formation, believed to be approximately 1962/3
Photo supplied by M Aldridge (son of J Aldridge)

No 3 Sqn 1962
No 3 Squadron 1962

Back Row:?,?,M. Tech Doug Smith,?,?,?,?,Barry Whiteley,?,?,?,?, Les Johnstone, ?
Third Row:?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?
Second Row: Ken Edwards, ?, Bill Smith, ?, ?, Bill Jelley,
Front Row: Jeremy Dunn, Mick Grier. Peter Knobel, ?, ?, George Alexander, John Rogers, ?, Brian Horney, John Aldridge

Douglas C47: VIP Dakota No 7036

Douglas C47:
VIP Dakota No 7036
Rhodesian Air Force Livery


3 Squadron 1972
No 3 Squadron Annual Photograph circa 1972

(Top Row):
?,?.?,?,?,Dave ?,Jock Bain, ?,?,Frank Robinson
(Middle Row):
?, David Barber (VR), ?, John Matthews (VR), Willie Armitage, Willie McMurdo, John Boresjzo, ?, Dave ?, George Walker Smith (VR), Ed Paintin, Frank Wingrove (VR)
(Front Row):
Tony Smit, Galloway, Mec Geering, Ivan Holtshausen, George Alexander (Sqn Cdr) Bob de Hotman, Mike Russell, Derek Nightingale, Gerry Lynch (VR)'
(Photograph RRAF)

(A/C number 7303) Date: 28.02.1975

Chaminuka lies dead on Rushinga runway following an intentional ground loop when the brakes failed.
(A/C number 7303)
Date: 28.02.1975

(Photograph RRAF)
Interior damage in Chaminuka

Interior damage in Chaminuka after the port propeller had sliced into the cabin immediately behind the left hand seat.


Chaminuka port side showing damage caused by propeller

Chaminuka port side showing damage caused by propeller as it entered the cabin.

(Photograph RRAF)

Daks Formation
Dakota Formation, unknown date
Photo supplied by K. Milligan via ORAFs

Dakotas showing Strela Mods
A superb photo of the three ship Dakota formation en route to the Chimoio strike.

All three show the later anti Strela camouflage paint used on all types in Rhodesia.
On the far Dak, you can clearly see the anti Strela mod fitted to the engine exhaust.
The Dak with serial 53 (nearest camera) is one of the original Daks to SRAF/RRAF, and 03 (leading) is ex-SAAF 6841 taken on charge 7.02.64.
Photo above supplied by Peter Petter Bowyer.

Dakota Strela Mod
An even better photo of the Dakota showing the anti Strela mod fitted to the engine exhaust.

This was the livery at the end of hostilities. The colour in this photo is very good.
Photo above supplied by Darryl Burlin.

Britten Norman Islander
Britten Norman Islander

Three squadron also flew several Britten Norman Islanders. This photo shows them in the standard anti-Strella camouflage paint of the time.

Dakota 3702 after destruction
31 May 1977: 3702 Shot down during T/O from Mapai

Bruce Collocott (16PTC) was killed when shot by RPG7 during the dusk take-off from Mapai airfield at the end of Op Aztec (the assault on Madulo Pan). The aircraft was flying out captured munitions. It burnt out completely but the despatcher, the co-pilot Jerry Lynch, and the engineer just managed to escape the inferno. Bruce's body could not be recovered till the next morning.
Photo above supplied by Prop Geldenhuys.

Dak 3711 in the water

Dakota 3711 17th April 1980
This is the end of the airtest to check that the carburettor modifications done to the engines were acceptable after the change to 100LL fuel. This was the last Dak to have been converted, and was the one that gave the most trouble, having done numerous air tests before this one.
The crew were Flt Lt Spider Webb, Air Lt Rob Rogerson, with SAC Frans Fyfer as scribe. According to Fransie, the test on each engine went well, and it had passed at long last. The trouble came when restarting the second engine. Frans was standing between the pilots when he saw hands flashing about and he was told, in graphic terms, to get buckled in. As he did so, they hit the water, and in true Dak fashion, the left hand prop appeared through the fuselage into the area that he had just vacated !!! They all escaped out of the top escape hatch onto the top af the fuselage, and shouted to a local with a boat to hurry up and resue them, which he did, and landed them ashore without them even getting their feet wet, while the Dak slowly slipped from view (photo below).
Photo (when Dak is being towed out of the water) taken from the Rhodesia Herald, supplied by Kevin Milligan through ORAFS

Dak 3711 a while later
Photo taken by Air Force of Zimbabwe, supplied by Kevin Milligan through ORAFS

Dakota passing through Salisbury 1981

Dakota 3711 passing through Salisbury 1981 following the accident.
It never flew again.

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