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Erection of a 135 foot Mast
By Chuck Dent

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Erection of a 135 foot Mast

The Team:

The Team

Here are some of the pix taken during the erection of three 135 foot masts at New Sarum transmitters. These mast formed the supports for a directional log-P, HF antenna ,which was aimed at Waterkloof.

In the team picture above, I can recognise Sammy Sampson , Jock Imrie and myself but sadly I cannot put a name to the other guys, memory getting a little rusty I guess.

Busy Bodies Round the Honey Pot:
at the base

Up she goes! going up

Oh Shucks.. going down

The crane operator raised the boom of the crane a little too steeply and as a consequence the extension boom flipped backwards causing the mast to fall to the ground.

All fall down! All fall down

In falling the mast hit the roof of the operators cabin, the operator was extremely lucky in that he managed to jump clear.

A good day was had by all. The photographer did well.

Thanks to Chuck Dent for the pictures and narrative.

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