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The BSAP Mounted Unit

Three horseman can be seen here in action
After a generation of policeman stoically endured "mounted infantry training" in Morris Depot to no immediate purpose other than learning the disciplines of horsemanship, the BSAP Mounted Unit was formed. The volunteers of the Mounted Unit were initially deployed to the Plumtree area. Section Officer (S/O) Bill Ogsten

The Unit's primary role was counter-insurgency.

The mounted policeman has a distinct advantage of range, and can approach his objective more quietly than a motorised patrol. As he towers over his adversary, the horseman has a distinct psychological superiority.

Patrols normally lasted several days, during which time the Mounted Unit was completely self-sufficient.

Insp. Peter Coombes was Officer in Charge, with Peter Richardson and Section Officer Bill Ogsten in charge of Equus Alpha and Equus Bravo respectively. Shortly after this, they were integrated into the BSAP Support Unit, and became known as Mantle Mounted. Thereafter they moved from Plumtree, and did a fair bit of travelling around.

Davis in action Richardson demonstrates the way

Two columns of horseman can be seen here on patrol

The two columns represent elements from both Alpha and Bravo

On the left of the photo is Bravo led by Bill Ogsten, followed by Sgt Dube - thereafter hidden.

Alpha is led by Pete Richardson, followed by Sgt Tichirivangani, Csts Dube, Ndlovu, Mupundu & Mundondo.

Note from the Web Master

This material arrived through ORAFS with credit to Peter Richardson and Diarmid Smith.

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