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1st Battalion, The Rhodesian Light Infantry

A Short History of the Regiment    The RLI's First Contact    Roll of Honour
Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Associations
The Trooper in Rhodesia

Formation: Wednesday 1st February 1961, at Brady Barracks, Kumalo, Bulawayo
Formed from the No 1 Training Unit


1RLI The unit’s tasks in classical war are:

a. To operate in small, self contained patrols in any terrain by road or on foot for sustained periods by day and by night.

b. The execution of rapid strikes against enemy targets in any type of country.

c. To undertake deep penetration patrols in enemy dominated areas.

d. To undertake long range reconnaissance tasks.

e. To operate from all types of land or water vehicles, helicopters and other troop carrying aircraft.

f. The collection of specialized military intelligence.

g. The execution of demolition tasks.

h. The execution of mobile defence operations.

i. To operate in the normal infantry role if circumstances so dictate.

A Short History of the Regiment

The RLI's First Contact

Roll of Honour

The Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Associations

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