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PTS Chris Pesara

Parachute Training School, 1966 pts 1966

Tony Hughes, Frank Hales, Trevor Smith, Bill Maitland, Boet Swart, Derek de Kock

Parachute Course 9 (First Static Line Course) 1962 Para Course 9, 1962

Back row l-r:
A.B. Austin; Jeff Inglis; D.A. 'Denis' Kalil, E.W. Eddie du Preez; L.J 'Jeff' Hill; H.D. 'Hilton' Sheasby; M.A. 'Manuel' Rampona; G. 'Yorkie' Griffith
Middle row l-r:
E.P. Ernest 'Serkie' Killian; B.M. 'Byron' Steele; J.F. ' Chummy' Mentz;; D.A. 'Danny' Hartman; J.A. 'Jimmy' Tregay; J.W. Brown; C.J. 'Chris' Herbst
Standing: l-r:
Sgt Derek de Kock (PJI); Sgt R.M. 'Jock' Thompson (PJI); Flt Sgt W.P. 'Bill' Maitland; Sgt Norman Suttie (PJI); Sgt Terry (Hagan (PJI)
Seated l-r:
Lt C.R. 'Roy' Nichols; Capt O.C. Charles 'Doc' Colt (RhAMC);Flt Lt R.T.D. 'Ron' Smith; Lt P.J. 'Pete' Sanders; Lt M.J.G. 'Mike' Pelham

Water Jump Circa 1969 Water!

Back Row: Boet Swart, Tudor Thomas, Derek De Kock, Peter Walls, Gen Keith Coster, Ted Brent, Norman Walsh, Brian Penton
Front Row: Brian Robinson, Trevor S,mith, Tony Hughes, Peter Briscoe, Trevor Smith (unconfirmed), Rich Beaver

FIRST 1 RAR TRAINING JUMP (Unconfirmed date: 1977) PTS

Standing: RAR Trainees
Kneeling, FLTR:
Flt Sgt Kevin Milligan, Sgt Andy Stein, Flt Lt Frank Hales (2 I/C), Ftl Sgt Pete Waite, Sgt Roy "The Boy" Tidman
Sitting in Front: Chris Pesaro

Static Line Para Jumping from Dakota aircraft Static Line Para Jumping
Sunday Mail 1st May 1977

The Last Jump: Water Jump Lake McIlwaine 20 March 1980

The photo is interesting and a real piece of history because it includes Rhodesian Air Force (most from 32, 33 and 34 PTC), Rhodesian Army, Royal Air Force, British Army, and Royal Marines.
I do not think it happened before or since, that these units came together for a parachute descent! Water Jump 1980
Para BMATT, Paul Fisher SAS, Richard Gash Brit Paras, unknown, Dave Rider, Mossie Mostert, Pete Hall, Mark Outhwaite, Murray Straker, Billy Simpson PJI, Charlie O Neill RAF PJI, Kevin Milligan PJI, Spider Webb, Grant Devine, Carlos da Silveira, Phil Holloway, Jerry Skeeles, Tim Shorty Callow, Ian Du Rand, Clive Bradnick, Fedor Scholvink, Mark Fenner, Scotty McNaughtin.
Frank Prendergast PJI, Rob Warren - Codrington SAS, Derek Pocknell (George Cross) RAF PJI, Unknown Safety Equipment Section, Rob Griffiths, Mark Dube, Colin James, Gordon Wright, Peter McLaughlin, Rod Tudor - Cole Despatcher, Ian Douglas PJI, Mark Harvey.
Croker Royal Marines, Stan Stanstead SAS, Mark Vernon, Rob Dickson, Mike Pingo, Ian Henderson, Ray Haakonsen, Bud Cockroft, Gareth Glynn - Jones, Ray Hughes, William Rooken - Smith, Alfie Hynds PJI.

Heather Smith a "Brown Job" with JSPIS, wrote to say she also wanted to participate but authorisation was not forthcoming from the Browns in time.

Clive Bradnick very kindly supplied some names and his memory of the jump as follows:
"The water jump was the highlight of my air force career. I originally did not want to do it, but gave in to peer pressure. I never slept the night before and was convinced that my parachute was not going to open. One thing I remember is Carlos proclaiming loudly, just after we boarded the Dak that his butt was clamped so tight, the pji's wouldn't be able to pull him off the bench. Everyone laughed and it relieved a lot of the tension.

I was number one in the second stick to jump and I remember after the first stick went , the recovery boats took longer than expected to pick them up, so the Dak did a few circuits before they were ready for us. I was already up standing in the door, but the long wait seemed to calm me down as I focused on the wingtip. I wasn't going to backdown at that stage and was able to give my exit technique a lot of thought. When the call came I hurled myself out in text book fashion (well I thought so anyway), and what a ride!"

I also have been informed that sadly 3 of the pilots were subsequently killed in Air Accidents:-
Gareth Glynn - Jones Bell 205 Seki
Ray Hughes SAAF Impala Night Nav exercise Port Elizabeth
Dave Rider AFZ Dak Chimoio Mozambique July 1986. Dak crashed shortly after take off. (Charlie de Jong killed in same incident)

Thanks to ORAFS for sending this on to us.

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