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Para Drop from Bell 205
Para Drop from Bell 205

PJIs jumping out are Sqn Ldr Frank Hales, Flt Lt Kevin Milligan, WO Billy Simpson and Sgt Ian Douglas.
Pilot was Wing Commander Annan. A/C No 6805.
This is a fantastic photograph of the 205 clearly showing the anti-strella paint job, and the upturned exhaust (the other main part of the anti-Strella mod).

8 Sqn July 1980
8 Sqn July 1980

Fltr: Back Row: Colin Ross, Chris Joubert, Chris Breedt, Alan Hill, Nick Goodman, Ant Wood, Crivellari, Punchie McLure, Mike Gaydon, Hans Steyn, Paul Braun, Steve Davel, Keith Gaydon, Phil Scott
Front row: Pat Richards, Ian Wallis, Dick de Lany, WOII Norman Farrell, Sqn Ldr J.R. Blythe-Wood, Nick Meikle, Ian Henderson, Dave Shirley.

7 Sqn May 1981

Fltr: Back Row: Beretta, Greydon, Braun, Odendaal, Williams, Joubert, Joubert, Rayne, Steyn, Crivellari, Goodman,
Front Row: Glynn-Jones, Naughtin, Harvey, Straker, Jackman, Shirley, Henderson, Ness, Meikle, Farrell, Potterton, Harvey, Blain, ? , Wallis, Schilvinck, McLure?


Bud Cockroft, Grand Reef 10th Feb 1979
"I had tail rotor failure while trooping at a contact in the Maranke TTL ( Tribal Trust Lands), south of Grand Reef on February 10th 1979. It was Bell 205 No. 6807, and my tech Keiron Meakin suffered a broken nose and a few broken ribs. I got away with a few bruises and some damage to my back, which has only become evident many years later!"

Bell 412 Arival Bell 412 Arrival
Bell 412 Coming Out!
Coming Out And unloaded
Bell 412 Bell 412 serving with 8 Sqn

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